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Readers Respond: Remedies for Tonsillitis

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Updated May 20, 2009

From the article: Understanding Tonsillitis
We've all had a sore throat or tonsillitis at some point in our lives. Some people recommend drinking tea with honey to relieve the pain, others rely on cough drops, my husband's parents recommended a tablespoon of vodka every once in a while when he had mono. What do you do when you have a sore throat? Soothing a Sore Throat


Gargle with warm salt water, 4 times a day, spit don't swallow. Drink honey and lemon in warm water, with or without the whiskey.
—Guest martyn

Cinnamon, Honey, and Milk

Mixing warm milk in a pot with cinnamon and honey really helps!
—Guest Kenzie


I have been dealing with tonsil cases for years and my best "home remedy" would have to be drinking a mixed cup of water and a chillie based powder, it will burn but after a short amount of time the burning should go away and almost cool the mouth and throat
—Guest Jimmy noongalanis

Sore throat

I just take a tea spoon of sue bee honey it, works fore me.
—Guest Sarge

Thought I was dying

I've been suffering now for around 2 weeks whilst also having a separate virus, I literally thought I was dying has been the worst experience of my life I've tried everything and nothing soothes my throat its so painful to swallow and make me feel sick when I do. My only hope now it seems is ice pops ! Other then that its a painful waiting game. Lemon cough sweets helped a bit but not much
—Guest Chris

Only Time a Doctor Recommends This!

I am currently suffering tonsillitis.I have been to the doctors and they recommend I have lots and lots of Ice cream. It's soothing apparently and works nice and effective with the course of antibiotics they prescribed me. I have also read through some other posts on here, I see that either Lemon or Lime juice with some honey mixed with warm water or vinegar seems to do the trick, Hope this helps, Cheers Mike.
—Guest Mike

Salt water having turmeric powder

Tonsilitis is a frequent for me. I tried many medication like amoxicilline and other antibiotics but warm salt water having pinch of turmeric powder worked best for me.. Salt create osmotic pressure and kill the bugs while turmeric powder is having natural antibiotic activity which persist for a long time in throat and eliminate further growth of microbes..
—Guest Parth Bhatt

Sore throat

Heard a small ball of cold butter rolled in sugar, lots of sugar and placed on the tounge until dissolved helps
—Guest Woody


so after reading all of your wonderful posts, i hunted through my cupboards for something to help my poor tonsils out and found oranges, manuka honey, ground ginger. i heated some water and when it had cooled some i added a wedge of orange, half a teaspoon of ground ginger and a teaspoon of manuka honey..... its a little spicey to drink but not too unpleasant, but swallowing has improved immencely. now to combat the snots and the earache..... any ideas?
—Guest celestae

Tonsillitis, my enemy

As we all know having tonsillitis or strep throat isn't just having a sore throat.I'm currently suffering with the worst case of this I've ever had in my life, went to the er yesterday, doc said this is what I have however it puZzles me to no end how he can make this diagnosis without so much as a swab of saliva? Anyway, it sucks & my whole body hurts, best way to describe it is someone beat you with a bat, took a spiky drill to your throat & threw you in fire then ice. Needless to say, it's miserable. The last thing you want to do when you're feeling like this is go to the store or run around your house looking for stuff to make you feel better. Ice. Eat crushed ice & let it dissolve in the back of your throat, tipping your head to either side so it gets your tonsils. Chloraseptic lozenges allow you to be comfy enough to eat the ice if you're past that point of not being able to swallow. Sleep. Can't feel anything when you sleep & you'll sweat it out. Best solutions so far for me, GL!
—Guest A hurting unit

Brush your teeth

I know it sounds stupid but do it. Then breathe in through your mouth. The air will seem cooler on your tonsils and it will also clear out anything nasty going on in your mouth, too. ;)
—Guest Fluff

Chamomille(manzanilla) tea

Warm chamomille (manzanilla) tea with a little lemon juice(fresh) and honey. It works wonders for sore throat AND cough,and will help you sleep.
—Guest Mrs.Beto Romero


Use a mix of warm salt water, and gargle it around your mouth and back of your throat like mouth wash. May not taste the best but will kill any bacteria. then do a mix of warm water and honey and lemon to sooth the soreness. I get a small case of tonsillitis every now and then and this remedy works for me :)
—Guest Jeesss

Things to avoid

I found out that dairy is an awful idea as it makes you phlemgy and therefore swallow more. Best to stick with non-creamy, non-syrupy drinks like ice water and warm tea (no sugar, but honey works for me). Cold numbs the throat, and when I need a break from drinking, I hold an ice pack to my throat/swollen glands, feels heavenly people.
—Guest ErikW

Do's don'ts

Honey is the best remedy. Do not drink acidic things like lemon, vinegar, or any thing like that because it will just irritate it. You shouldn't drink milk either because it will soothe it but it will cause more phlegm. The best thing for your throat is warm water with honey but don't let the honey melt because it won't do its proper job of coating your tonsils. Mint and ginger are good tea's too! I got this off of my doctors list of Do's & Don'ts for my chronic tonsillitis! Good luck!
—Guest Taren

Soothing a Sore Throat

Remedies for Tonsillitis

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