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Readers Respond: How To Cope With Vertigo and Motion Sickness

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Updated July 14, 2009

Bouts of vertigo (extreme dizziness which sometimes includes nausea and vomiting) can be very disabling. Some people find that lying very still is the only thing that helps. Other's have learned to hold on to walls in order to keep themselves oriented and upright. Find out how others manage their vertigo and share your tips as well.

Merislon works for me

My experience with vertigo caused me to get fired. One morning, half waking up and turning my body from left to right, suddenly I felt everything moved without even opening my eyes. I thought it was earth quick. Frightened, I woke up and sit down at the edge of bed trying to get. I found everything spinning when I open my eyes and I throw up. Making enough loud noise to make my elder brother yelling outside of my room asking what happened. Realizing I was ill & not experiencing an earth quick, I stop my self from moving and moved very slowly out of my room. I moved so slowly that even slow motion movies is faster then me. I can not moved fast or sudden at all. My dress all wet from perspiration. Sitting down on sofa, my brother had a good idea to call my friend who is a doctor cause he knows there is no possibility for me to move & going to the doctor. She advised me to took Merislon, wait for the effect to clear and take my self to a doctor. Since then I always have a few tablet nearb
—Guest Susan

Spinning Around

The world spinning around occurs after jerky movements of the head, either while lying down or getting up from bed. Lie down again and get up very gently. Sit for some time and then get up slowly avoiding head movement in any other direction.

Years of Vertigo

My mother has severe Vertigo which has lasted years. She can no longer drive and keeps going to physical therapy with no avail. I can't seem to find information on next steps, and since I'm not present at doctor's appointments I feel there's something I'm missing. How can therapy be the answer when it's not working? Also, how is this therapy supposed to work. From what it sounds like, it just keeps making the symptoms worse until you get used to it - at what point do you just cry uncle and say they're never getting used to it? She has limited mobility and it clouds her thought process, at times, she doesn't remember my name. If anyone knows where I can get more information on the severe forms and procedures, I'd appreciate it.
—Guest unknown

My experience

I only had severe vertigo once, for about 3 weeks. All of a sudden one morning I woke up and couldn't stand up -- the room was spinning, I was dizzy and nauseous, etc. It eased up in the afternoon. For the next 3 weeks, I was like that every morning. I couldn't get up, couldn't go to work. Several doctors told me it was probably a virus and would go the way it came - suddenly - but I was freaking out. In the end, it did go the way it came, and never came back. But while I had it, it was very frightening.
—Guest Nancy

Dealing with Motion Sickness

I tend to get motion sickness easily in cars. It helps a lot if I'm the driver. If I can't drive, being in the front seat is the next best thing. Also, I rarely get motion sick at night, it usually only happens during the day.
—Guest Mia

Acupressure wristbands

I have used acupressure wristbands with some success. There is a pressure point on the inside of the wrist and these activate that to alleviate nausea. They are not perfect but it helps me a bit.
—Guest katy

Support Hose

I experience problems with dizziness and nausea prior to fainting when blood flow drains to my legs and ankles. If I know I'm going to be standing or walking for long periods such as shopping or site seeing I wear compression stockings to help prevent syncope episodes.
—Guest lila

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