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Readers Respond: The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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Updated June 29, 2009

Eating after having your tonsils removed can be difficult. Options are limited. In addition to choosing foods that are easy to chew and swallow, you may be battling nausea or vomiting. We asked readers to tell us their favorite food to eat after their surgery. Ice Cream or Soup?

Pain full week

Hi im 12 and i got my tonsils removed and i am only allowed to eat jello , pudding , ice pops , yogurt and icecream and i was wondering if you can eat eggs
—Guest Britney


Protein gives you energy. When I brought my 8 year old home from surgery today he was starving. He ate 2 scrambled eggs, pudding and some noodles. Later when the pain meds wore off he had eggs again. Getting him to drink is hard, but I have koolaide ice cubes in the freezer ready to crush up for tomorrows slushy. He loves pudding but I'm nervous about mucus buildup. So eggs, jello, water, apple juice, and slushy. Pudding for a great treat for eating it all or drinking it all. Good luck!
—Guest Tonsil less son

20 days after surgery

I am not having problems swallowing any more. I just feels like something is stuck in my throat. Other then that i feel great.
—Guest Ms Tee


I know everyone is saying no dairy but the one thing I REALLY enjoyed a lot was a mint milkshake. It went down and felt awesome. I drank all of it. It made things a tad sticky but hey all I had to do was drink water. My pain is bearable as long as i tilt my head down slightly when I swallow. I'm now on day 7 and I'm able to stop taking the medication. My doctor says I still have to take Advil though. days 2-5 were the worst for me. Hang in there! It WILL get better! :)
—Guest Nicole


The reason why i got my tonsils out was because i had tonsils stones. Soup and jello feel amazing. NOT ICE CREAM!! It has been such a painful 9 days now. I still have the thick white scabs in my mouth and horrible bad breath. All i want to eat is pizza and french fries but cannot have them:( I am 15 years old and need to start getting better. All i want is a huge glass of cold water but it KILLS to swallow it only on one side though. It has been such a hard time and cannot wait to be normal again. I suggest that if you need to get your tonsils out think about it greatly because it has been the most painful thing i have ever gone through in my life.
—Guest Lauren

Day 3

It's day 3 after my surgery and basically I was eating normal foods within a few hours after my surgery, though I had thrown it all up, unfortunately. I am now still eating a normal diet, though its nice to have jelly because it goes down the throat easily. I'm finding that I want to just sleep all the time with constant headaches, my ears hurting like crazy, my stomach hurting and obviously my throat feeling like razor blades whenever I try to swallow. I'm really hoping all this pain goes away soon because I neeeed to go back to uni soon :/ I recommend using an ice pack for your throat and ears if they hurt and also to get back onto a normal diet with minimum dairy products so you can get better quicker :)
—Guest Gabbie

Don't stress yourself

Everybody's answers ok but I think mine would help. It depends on you because everybody's different. I love to drink cold stuff but I have to admit warm soup also helps to. I like to drink really,really cold Gatorade it helps a lot in the morning when you wake up I have to admit it will hurt but if your taking pain medication like I do trough out the day it will feel a lot better I got my tonsils and adnoids out 3 days ago so I hope I helped!!!
—Guest Isabell

Tonsil taken out four days ago

I had my tonsils taken out four days ago. I am not going to lie its kinda painful. My situation was I had infections that I never knew I had also I had really deep roots on my tonsils, so they did a lot of digging to get them out. ,y biggest problem is early in the morning and right before bed. That is when I seem to have the most pain. Jello, applesauce and Popsicles are the only things that feel amazing on my throat. It seems to be really cold and numbs it so I can eat other things. I have done plain roman noodles and mashed potatoes because I ended up getting nauseous from my steroid that the doctor put me on for swelling. It's not that bad but anything really cold seems to help with the pain better for me. I am twenty five and if I had to do this again I would just to make sure I a healthy and not fighting infections.
—Guest Kayla


My son had tonsils out a week ago and I've been sneaking tofu into his Mac and cheese. It kind of takes on whatever it's mixed with so he just thinks its cheese, and he's getting protein. I also snuck baby food sweet potatoes in so he gets veggies.
—Guest Lizzaurie

day 7 after tonsilectomy

Soup is better and try some solids as this gets u swallowing again and gets rid of the gunk at the back of throat yes its very painful i cried for 5 days and im 33 years old but it gets better gargle salt water and as for ears i wrap scarf over me to keep head and ears warm chew gum im feeling better than i did not sleeping great as drooling is a problem during night good luck all speedy recovery
—Guest kate

16 just got my tonsils out

Well Hello there i just got my tonsils out 6 days ago. My first and second day wasnt bad at all. My third day was my worst day i could eat talk or drink but my mom stood up with me all night and made sure i was drink !. The best thing that work for me was ice, pudding,POWERADE , gummie bears or soft life savers . All i can say is lots of sleeping and liquids :)good luck to you guys
—Guest jackie

on the 4th day

i am pretty good no dairy . i am 13 i had my surgery on april 1 and i am ok. isleep alot and eat alot of popsicles i take my medicine so i guess i am doing good. i want chettos soo bad but i dont want to bleed so no chips
—Guest monique

14 and strong

I'm 14 and on day 3. I have a thick coating of mucus over the back of my throat and uvula. This makes it difficult and nearly impossible to talk at times. The pain is not so bad with my medications; however ice cream has made my salivia extremely thick and hard to swallow. I'm holding my food well, so far, but I've been craving the food in my fridge like shrimp and peppers and ziti! It's not fair! And my friends are inviting me out to hibachi restaurants! But, I've enjoyed eating chocolate pudding, and pastinia (these mini pieces of star shapped pasta with butter is delicious and no need for chewing!) and I bought a party pack of Ralph's blue Hawaii Italian ice which helps (but the blue tongue is annoying) but scrambled eggs and jello got stuck in the coating in my throat and tuna fish is delicious but hurts to chew, though it goes down easy with water. I'm going to try some soups later on today or this week and post the results! Good luck everyone!!!
—Guest Katie

4yr old daughter

It's weird the stuff I've read on here. My daughter got hers taken out 9 days ago and has had mashed potatoes, yogurt, ice cream and hasn't complained about pain at all. Right after her surgery she was playing and talking completely normal. She hasn't complained at all but I've heard the older you are when you get the surgery the more problems and pain you have.
—Guest Jim

I HATE Surgery

Im 16 and on my 6 day after having surgery and i actually feel better. I've only eaten a couple spoons of jello, half a milkshake, half a glass of ice water and a little bit of chicken noodle soup. Today my dads gonna take me to get a banana snowcone. YUM. We'll see how that works out; I lost 11 pounds already and I just wanna eat JUNK FOOD D;
—Guest Sadie

Ice Cream or Soup?

The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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