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Readers Respond: The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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Updated June 29, 2009

It hurts!!

I just had my tonsils removed 3 days ago and the first day was fine I ate a whole box of popsicles!! Then on day 2 it hurt even more so I ate soup and ice cream and mashed potatoes and more popsicles! Then on day 3, I don't know why but I was strong enough to eat french fries and milk shakes!! Well any way GOOD LUCK! :)
—Guest -Sarah

soup/ice cream after having tonsils out

I had my tonsils taken out yesterday and I'm 16. First day I was eating chocolate ice cream because I didn't have to swallow, I just let it melt and go down the throat. Second day, today, I'm eating warm Campbell's mini chicken noodle soup, the kind that comes in the cup thing.
—Guest nicholas allison

2nd day without tonsils

I am 15 and I just got my tonsils yesterday. I managed to drink water and cold slushies. Just don't get any made from soda or the carbonation may irritate your throat. The only thing I ate was Chinese wantan soup, but I chopped up the noodles and removed the chicken because the poultry will make you feel sick on that first day. I added some steamed rice into the soup to make it more filling too. Also, make sure the soup cools to a comfortably warm temperature so you don't burn your healing throat. This meal was really delicious for me and is probably what I'll live off of the next week. I hope it's also a good suggestion to add to your food list while recovering from this procedure.
—Guest Bella sWimmer

Normal food!

I'm 21, I got my tonsils out nearly six days ago now. About an hour after surgery I was already eating crackers and sandwiches and drinking fine, I just get food stuck so have to cough it back up which is a little gross. Other than that I don't find soft foods any more different because I still have to swallow it in the end! Mornings are the worst when I wake up and my mouth is really dry but I find that chewing gum is really good :) The only thing thats really hurt me is my ears, they keep aching :(
—Guest Rachie

I just want some pizza

Since pizza isn't allowed considering I got my tonsils out 3 days ago I have been stuck with mac and cheese (not hot but warm), green beans, and mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes are almost too hard to swallow alone though because they're so soft and don't have much of a consistency. Ice cream burned so bad that I cried, but Italian ice and smoothie king has been heavenly. Really I just can't wait until this is over and I can eat Papa Johns and San Antonio Taco Company, mmmmmm!
—Guest Madi

Pain will pass!

I got my tonsils out 7 days ago and it was not fun! I got so dehydrated on the 5th day I threw up the Lortabs and my throat was so swollen I stopped breathing and my mom had to call 911. I got an IV with pain meds and fluids. This helped a lot. Getting liquid pain meds down after this surgery is ridiculous. Finally a doctor in the ER gave me a patch that is a painkiller that goes on my thigh. It has helped tremendously. Now I'm just scared for the scabs to come off! Warm soup feels better than cold. Good luck everybody! Stay positive! :)
—Guest bridgey

Ice cream or soup?

Definitely soup. I had my tonsils and adenoids both taken out and I found that ice cream, because it is a dairy product, produced a film in the back of my throat. Although it did feel good and taste good while I ate it, after I was done I had to force water down to remove the film. Soup also had a lot more nutrition than any other food I have been able to eat, which helps heal you faster and keeps you healthy.
—Guest guest becca

Ice cream or soup?

Hi, today i just had my tonsils removed. i did not know what to eat. i tried ice cream. It was very good and it soothes you throat, but it leaves a lot of mucus. The soup also soothes your throat because it is warm, and it does not leave mucus in my throat. i highly recommend warm soup. Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest ashlei ballard

Foood . . .

i got my tonsils taken out 2 days ago , and I love to eat! . I'm 15 . I put my medicine in Jello to get away from the taste . I've been eating mashed potatoes. They are like heaven! And, Italian ice . It goes down really nice, so that works (:
—Guest chalise

Post surgery

I'm 21 years old and had my tonsils out a week ago. I've been drinking water and apple juice like there's no tomorrow. And really all I've had to eat is applesauce and Popsicles. I've tried soup, mashed potaotes, and even hard boiled eggs but it always burns after I eat anything semi solid. I found Carnation Breakfast Essentials drink mix works well. It has lots of protein and energy to help you fill like your full. All you do is mix it with milk. I've been craving Buffalo Wild Wings and BBQ potato chips so bad! Good luck everyone.
—Guest Tara

Hot Weiners!?

Yep. My mother came home with a bunch for dinner when I had my wisdom teeth out (horrible 4-impacted 2 week recoveryfest). I almost cried when I smelled them after nothing but popcicles for a week. She put one in the blender and it tasted like God himself descended from the heavens. Up until yesterday, my entire family made fun of me, including my sister. Well last week my little sister (21) got her tonsils out, and shes finally stopped getting sick from all the medication. At her request, my mom brought home weiners again and we did the same. She has promised me she would never make fun of it again.
—Guest JustTrollin

To Those Over 15

Day 8 and here's my advice: -Love h2o as much as possible! If it hurts to swallow ice cold-suck on ice, try a dif temp, eat it with a spoon.. just get it in! -Keeping the front AND back of my neck ice-packed the first 5 days was soothing and reduced swelling, give it a go! -Try ice cream & shakes for yourself (for me it does leave mucousy film that has me spittin' a storm!) -Brush your teeth. Scrape that tongue, get that nasty nast off! -warm soup, jello, applesauce, yadda, yadda. You know, the regs.. but take it to the next level with cheesy scrambled eggs or microwaved bread (much softer) -if you're ready for a lil' change of taste: GUM. favorite thing I've discovered! Keeps my jaw moving and the mucous level low so I feel human again -shower, change your clothes, take a trip to the mailbox and keep your mind off of that grilled chicken club wrap from the Wendy's commercial. Lastly, remember it WILL end!
—Guest Sara 17 yrs

Soup with Crackers

I'm 19 and just got my tonsils out yesterday. First day it didn't hurt half as bad as it does this morning! But, yesterday I had bottles and bottles of water and Popsicles. I also found Campbells chicken noodle soup is AMAZING! It really made my throat feel good. Just make it warm not hot. the noodles in it are really soft so easy to swallow. my doctor told me to also put saltine crackers in it to soak up the liquid and then they get soft. He said it will make you want to drink more water too (because of the salt). No, the salt doesn"t hurt your throat, i promise. let them soak up the soap broth though!
—Guest kh

Tonsil and Adenoids

I got my tonsils and adenoids taken out. It's my 8th day it doesn't hurt that bad to swallow now. So far I've been eating applesauce, popsicles, ice cream, soup, inside-out burrito (just mashed beans sour cream and cheese.), and mac and cheese. I really want a burrito. Would that be okay too? The scabs in the back of my throat haven't came of yet. So would it be bad? I don't want my scabs to come off because I ate a burrito.
—Guest M

Cool and Cold Stuff

Apple Juice, Gatorade, and Apple/Grape Juice on day one... day two so far same stuff and Popsicle. I would love some Jason's Deli Tomato Soup but I fear it would be too acidic so I will skip it.
—Guest 38 years old

Ice Cream or Soup?

The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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