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Readers Respond: The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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Updated June 29, 2009

Soft foods!

Hello! I'm 17 years old and I'm at the end of day 5 since surgery. All the foods that I have had have been soft. Like mashed potatoes, jello, applesauce, sherbert, and mac & cheese. I was able to down some dumplings today. And drink, drink, drink!!! Water and gatorade are a must. That will help a lot down the road. Overall, my pain level hasn't exceeded a 5. The only thing that's really annoying is the scabs and the mucus that builds up in your throat. Really gross! Good luck to all!
—Guest TN Girl


I had donuts, just the glazed ones they were really easy to mash up and swallow. Other than that Italian ice, freeze pops, jello, and broth. Oh and I had a meatball mashed up and it was also easy to swallow just as long as there aren't a lot of spices in it.
—Guest cat

No Hard Food

My son just had his tonsils taken out yesterday. The only thing he can have to eat is jello, pudding, ice cream, or soup. Once his throat feels better he can have noodles or mashed potatoes and those type of things. Still, NO HARD FOODS. This is my 2nd son have this done. No crackers, toast and solids. After about a week or so you can have solid foods.
—Guest misty

freeze pops

I'm 19 and just got my tonsils removed 3 days ago. They said the big deciding factor of how fast you'll heal is age. the younger the better. Once youre into your teen years, it takes longer and hurts worse. I haven't been able to eat anything but freeze pops. I can't even swallow water. I've been reading these stories about how you need to stay hydrated, I'm definately shoving down any liquids asap! I would much rather go through knee surgery again, then to have my tonsils out.
—Guest karolyn

Here's what to eat after surgery:

*Ice cream *custard *jello *popsicle *broth *vitiman water *smoothie
—Guest Jay

Foods After A Tonsillectomy

After I got my tonsils taken out, it was a huge pain. I could not eat anything cause it hurt so bad. After 2-3 days I started to eat a half cup of jello and pudding. It still didn't help. I was starving. Then 1 week went by and I felt good. I took my dogs for a walk, played a game on the computer, and a peanut butter sandwich. Then the next day came and I felt horrible. I layed in bed all day and had some soup. To all you people out there that are getting or have gotten your tonsils taken out, listen to the doctor and eat what you are supposed to eat and do what you are supposed to do. I would recommend soup, jello, and pudding. NO ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest Guest Essence N. C.


I am on day 3 from surgery date. I found a food that is very comforting with is actually not mentioned very much above. The most comfortable food I feel to eat is Jello. Especially cold jello because you can just let it melt and kinda coat your throat. It does not cause the mucus build up for me. As for pain, the pain is manageable, like mentioned above, it is most uncomfortable in the mornings, I myself am on the dot with the meds which has made this journey not very painful at all.
—Guest Ryan

Ice Cream

I love ice cream and it makes my throat feel good. I had it today 4/6/10.
—Guest alex carter


I got my tonsils out a week ago and it was very painful. Also, I was stubborn about drinking. I advise you to drink as much as possible because if you dont it will lead to bleeding. This happened to me. The best thing for you to do is drink fluids. This will help. Also, I have been doing great ever since. Although, I looked in the back of my throat and realized there is some kind of yellow chunk in the back and it is making me worry a little bit, but I know that i will be okay...
—Guest kk


when I got my tonsils removed couldn't eat much for a couple of days, but the person next to me had them out the same day and was eating roast lamb. to answer your question ice cream did it for me sometimes if the soups too warm it hurts.
—Guest Chris

cereal and popsicle

I'm 18 and got my tonsils removed 5 days ago. I must say that it has been the worst experience I've ever gone through. I've been eating Popsicles and cereal all day. yesterday I ate a little bit of pizza and that hurt a lot so I went to the doctor and he gave me codiene for pain and I must say that helped a lot.I've been eating bread and other things now..keeping a ice pack on your throat will also help because it keeps down the swelling. Day 4 and 5 have been the worst so far.Day 1 and 2 was fine and I started eating fries and nuggets..take lots of liquid meds!
—Guest guest jes

ice cream or soup

—Guest nalasimba

It's not to bad...

I had mine out yesterday and so far I have been able to eat mashed potatoes and lots of pudding and jello. So far I have to say the worst part is the feeling of mucus in the back of my throat I can't spit up. If anyone could provide any help with that I would be very thankful. By the way liquid Lortab is absolutely disgusting. I can't wait to be able to stop using it.
—Guest Damon


I am 17 and had my tonsils taken out 5 days ago. Day three and four were the worst days so far. What I have found that is soothing to my throat is warm soup, mashed potatoes, popcicles, and sorbet. Don't eat regular ice cream because it leaves your throat with mucus. And it is very hard to spit out. Popcicles are my favorite because they numb my throat so I don't feel anything. I am just wondering when the pain is going to be over with. I don't feel that the Vicodin is making it much better; but I guess I will have to deal with it for another week..
—Guest Shelby

Right things to eat

Just had my tonsils out yesterday and man it sucks. Can't really swallow anything and feel like crap. I would not suggest eating dairy products, because dairy causes phlegm. Try eating Sherbert and popsicles, and lots of ice water. Also chicken and beef broth. they all are probably the easiest food to get down...
—Guest guest Jeremy

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