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Readers Respond: The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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Updated June 29, 2009

day 6

I had my tonsils out 6 days ago, at first I thought the pain was pretty weak compared to what I expected (day 2). However, for the past 4 days I have been waking up with this insane pain in my throat, barely able to swallow water and the medicine makes me feel worse. I've lost half a stone in 6 days, the cravings for food is unbearable :( my tip is, if you don't HAVE to get your tonsils out, don't do it! it's so not worth the pain! I'd rather have tonsillitis 9 times a year.
—Guest olivia

38 Tonsils out

Got tonsils out today had a cup of ice cream from McDonald's and a hamburger from White Castle. Eating ice chips now. So far so good. Day 1
—Guest 38 Tonsils out

38 Tonsils out

Got tonsils out today had a cup of ice cream from McDonald's and a hamburger from White Castle. Eating ice chips now. So far so good. Day 1
—Guest 38 Tonsils out

Read This!!!!

I am 17 years old and I just got my tonsils taken out 2 days ago. If you are waiting to get them out do not be scared!! All of these other responses are over exaggerating this like a bunch of babies. The pain you will go through is minimal compared to the relief after. Stay hydrated and use ice chips or packs on swollen parts. You CAN have ice cream BUT you have to follow it up with a nice warm cup of water or tea. This will help you from losing weight. Do not listen to recovery times from anyone and do not rush things. In the end you will feel better and you will look back on this as an experience that made you stronger.
—Guest JYOP

3rd day of surgery

I'm on my day 3 of surgery & I'm not feeling the best! I have been drinking sweet tea & Capri suns. I have eaten pigs n a blanket & ice cream & a bit of cake because of my niece & nephews b-day party.. I've been eating popcicles & Mac & cheese. Ice cream burns my throat. I'm on day 3 & it hurts to talk.. The Dr. told me the more I talk the quicker I'll heal.. I'm about to try & eat scrambled eggs. I haven't felt nauseated or anything so that's good I'm just hungry & I wanna eat! It hurts super bad to swallow! The worse time I have is at night when I'm asleep. I caught myself trying to cough & clear my throat last night & that didn't end up too well.. I didn't bleed tho so that's good :) I hope I can get back to normal really soon!!
—Guest Brit

I'm 28. Neither, water is your BFF

I had my tonsils taken out 3 days ago and so far I've only had Popsicles, water and warm, not hot, soup. I have to agree with others that ice cream leaves a lot of mucus and it's quite annoying. I've lost 6 pounds since the procedure and it's only been 3 days. I can't wait until I can start having soft food without hurting my throat. Good luck to everybody. The older you are the more it hurts.
—Guest MB

day 10

It still hurts badly. It was so bad i did not eat from day 1 to day 5. But at least my mom came to the rescue with some broth and juice. At least it is over, and my answer to the question is warm soup. Hope this helped, have a great recovery!!
—Guest Recovery

Day 4

I'm Traay. I'm currently on day 4 of getting my tonsils removed. The first day was not as bad due to me being drugged up. Day 2 was very painful. I couldn't eat or drink. I felt terrible! At night I could not sleep I'm up every hour on the hour... this is the worst pain. I'm only 16 and I feel bad. I tried freezer pops- no good. Ice cream? Yes, it worked but causes more mucus . The best advice I can give you is drink plenty of water , warm milk about 30 seconds and warm hot cocoa. I've lost 6 pounds so far and this is only day 4.... Good luck
—Guest Traay

Day 8 and I'm craving so much food!

The pain is still present but not as bad. I'm still taking pain medicine. It's the pain in my ears that really hurts. I have been trying to eat everything because I'm starving! You never realize how much you miss food until you can't have it! I have only had water and have eaten Mac & cheese and green beans, mashed potatoes, yogurt and pudding mostly. Hope I could help someone! I also had my deviated septum corrected also at the same time.
—Guest KChance

Darn Mucus

I am 16. I am loving ginger-ale right now. I ate Ramen noodles today. I had my tonsils removed yesterday. I am avoiding dairy products. My uvula is getting in the way a lot. DON'T spit at all. It is pretty much impossible. I was given pills to take for pain. My mom crushes them to give to me. Today was extremely painful. Hopefully, it will get better. I am about to eat more. I am so excited. :D
—Guest Emily

ice cream

I'm on day 5 and not gonna lie, only thing I've even been able to finish is a milkshake, I've nibbled on mac and cheese and mashed potatoes and it hurts some, but at least then its just my throat...drink lots of water, I don't think I drink enough.
—Guest owwy

Hurts to gulp!

I'm a 20 year old in pain! I just had my tonsils removed yesterday and boy does my throat hurt!! I only ate 1/4 of a cup of orange jello -which I hate! Reminder no red colored Jello, in case you start to bleed then you might confuse the red jello with blood.. chicken broth tastes splendid! No chunks of anything and drinks lots of water even though it really hurts to swallow! Don't try to talk it hurts worse! Text instead! Or write whatever you want to say on paper! :)
—Guest hurting (T__T)

Tonsils out at 15

I've had my tonsils out and after about ten days i'm still on popsicles and water. It feels really good just to lay down and rest. I tried some gatorade and it was ok. I had some vitamin water and it felt WAY better. I was able to have some milkshakes a while ago, but now the medicine causes me to lose my appetite. The past couple of days have been awful. Now I'm felling a bit better and I've had two popsicles today and hopefully maybe a little more later tonight. Don't try soup, it hurts.
—Guest Brandon K.


a few hours after my operation I found it really hard to swallow but I was that hungry I forced myself to eat toast and drink water. 3rd day after the operation and iv woke up early in the morning in so much pain not even paracetamols work that well, it helps but I still get the sore throat feeling every time I swallow and talk or move my tongue. On the second say after the operation I tried eating chips and a cornish pasty, it hurt like hell but my stomach really enjoyed it! I need some advice on what else to do cause I can't bare this pain any longer, I don't know whether to laugh or cry :(
—Guest Stacey Louise


I just had my tonsils and adenoids taken out 4 days ago. It hurts, I have barely had anything to eat or drink and my throat hurts a lot. I have had a lot of mucus to but I've found if you mix a little salt and baking soda into water, it helps get rid of it.
—Guest Kid

Ice Cream or Soup?

The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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