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Readers Respond: The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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Updated June 29, 2009

Oh my Gosh!?

I'm 17 and just got my tonsils and adenoids out November 16th. It hurts to swallow still and the pain meds don't really help. . .I'm trying to eat jello and just water based products. . .I've learned that eating taters makes my saliva thicker and its just gross. I have had about 2 boxes of Popsicle's since the surgery. So... I'm not getting enough fluids but I'm tryin' my best. . . good luck to the rest of ya!

I haven't eaten anything!

I'm 21 and its been 3 days since I've had my adenoids and tonsils removed. I can't eat anything it's too painful!! I've just been drinking a lot of water.
—Guest Elissa


I'm 21 years old and I had my tonsils and adenoids out 8 days ago. I had a special case. They had to take me into the operating room 3 times because the bleeding wouldn't stop. So my recovery is a little different. The first day was just black coffee and ice chips. Day two I didn't have much just ice cream. Popsicles burned too much. I did eat mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese which was good. It went down well, and then I am on day 8 now and I just started eating rice and soup. It was very good. I'm waiting till the day I can eat bread! Good luck guys!
—Guest sarah


I got my tonsils and adenoids out earlier today, and it's been really hard to eat and drink. Whenever I swallow, it feels like my throat is closing up. Italian Ice that is thawed slides down the easiest for me. Mashed potatos from KFC with their gravy was also a good choice. Popsicles are good, but sometimes hurt. I also like apple juice. That worked very good. If you need liquids, you can suck on crushed ice cubes. If your drinking, straws help so much! :) Hope this helped. Oh- and nothing too hot or textured. I was told no dairy for 2 days. Boo-hoo, no ice cream until Saturday afternoon. Thanks…
—Guest guest101

I need food :[

I am 19 years old, two days ago I got my tonsils removed. I can not find anything that is okay for me to eat. I tried pudding and jello and push pops and ice cream. I have a ton of mucus and I cant cough cause it hurts to bad. :[ I am having a terrible time. I am pale as a ghost and taking my meds on an empty stomach is making me feel like I'm going to puke.
—Guest sick and hungry!

My Boys [2&5] tonsils & adenoids removed

My boys 2 & 5 had their tonsils & adenoids removed yesterday. They had to eat Chips & crumbed chicken/fish & drink Coke before they were allowed to leave the hospital. They are not allowed most fruit or dairy products. They had egg on bread this morning with coke. No bleeding, no extra mucus - they do have a lot of pain, but their recovery is going well!
—Guest Lizanne


Hi, I'm only 13 years old and I got my tonsils out. It sucks!!!!!!!. I had to have the laser operation, it's so painful !!!!!!! I only had to eat mashed potatoes, soup, ice-cream, and soft noodles.
—Guest Isaac

so far...

so good.... I am a 50 year old female. First I wanted to thank every one who posted here, it helped me prepare mentally, my home, with food and medical supplies. Drank lots and lots of liquids in the days before. Took a stomach acid pill before bed time with ok of doc, to prevent stomach upset post surgery. So today was the big day. Into OR at 9, out at 11 am. To drugstore to pick up all liquid meds. Doc added childrens ibuprofen to take between pain meds. So far so good, taking pain meds on time, regardless of pain level (very low), drinking iced tea, apple juice with applesauce in it. Nothing hot. Two ice bags on either side of neck. Aince its November, an electric blanket to offset the ice cold drinks and ice bags. Felt a bit cocky but that might have been the meds. Stayed with liquids and for now very low pain if any. According to you all, this may be the quiet before the storm, day after surgery.. hoping for the best for tomorrow.

what helps when you get your tonsils out

I am an eleven years old when I got my tonsils out. It didn't really hurt as bad at the hospital but when I got home it hurt really bad. I cried so much it hurt my throat, but then my mom read somewhere that if you chew gum it helps. So we went to the store, bought some gum and came home. I also have braces but I don't care, I put the gum in my mouth, started chewing it and that helped a lot! For dinner that night I ate chicken noodle soup with apple juice and I was able to eat it.
—Guest -alexis

8 days ago

I'm 16 and I got my tonsils out, as I said, eight days ago. It wasn't as bad as every one made it out to be. Right after the surgery, while in the hospital, it kinda hurt to suck on the ice but as soon as I left the hospital I went to Target and got a slushie. I downed it too! For the first three days that is all I ate, slushies, blended ice (like just throwing ice cubes in the blender), popsicles and chicken broth. I was told that I couldn't have dairy products for the first three days, so no ice cream :(. The fourth day I had a piece of pizza... a little square piece took me 30 minutes to eat. Also before the pizza I ate mashed potatoes and it hurt SOOO bad, I do NOT recommend them! Now I have been eating overcooked ram-en noodles, rits crackers (I have been sucking on them) some pudding, ice cream, popsicles -you know stuff like that. The one thing that I hate most is the fact that I STILL have sooo much mucus and I want food so bad but still can't really eat too much.
—Guest Julia

Cold water, popsicles, Jello

I'm 20 and had my tonsils out 4 days ago. The first few days I barely ate anything. Popsicles. cold water and Jello have been a godsend. The pain was really bad the first 3 days but now I've gone almost 48 hours without pain meds. The pain is wearing off. still hurts to swallow but I'm hanging in there. However I recommend that if you have to get your tonsils out. have it done when you're young. when you're an adult, it sucks
—Guest Sierra

Some good Ideas on what to eat!:)

This is my 4'th day and my tonsils still really hurt. For the first two days I've been eating soup, mashed potatoes, Ice cream. Ive been drinking lots of water. And it seems like every time I swallow ANYTHING it feels like I'm swallowing a glass of nails. I can barely swallow my own spit. I've tried to sleep it off, but after ten minutes I'd just wake up again. It hurt A LOT! Ive been using an Ice Pack and It has helped so much! I can't live without it. I even sleep with it! But now I take my meds and It tastes HORRIBLE. But it does soothe the pain a lot. My mom has been making me boiled eggs, but not too boiled. So when she takes off the shell, the yolk is all mushy but still cooked, she mushes two eggs in a plate, and it's really good! Then I eat mashed potatoes or soup. I've been craving many different things like tacos and sandwiches. But I can't eat them. Truth is that when you eat bread the place where the tonsils were, starts to bleed. So I try to stay away. Hope I helped!:
—Guest R

2 days

It's been 2 days since had my tonsils removed,now my doctor and nurse told me to start eating all the normal foods i would usually eat,like chocolate, potato chips..all the rough foods because it helps the back of the throat heal a lot quicker and heals/cleans the beds.And I've done that and my throat feels great.They told me to stay away from things like,ice cream and popcicles because it freezes the beds and stops them from healing properly.Also stay away from citric drinks,like orange juice.
—Guest Chezzed up

The First Scary Part is Over

Hello :) i just got my tonsils out yesterday at 9:30 and its 12:05 am the next day. The only scary part so far for me was the IV. They put it in my hand and I've never had that done before, but if you've had a whooping cough/tetanus shot then you'll be fine. The waking up part was the scariest part for me, but I woke up a lot easier than I did with my wisdom teeth because there wasn't any gauze in my mouth. First day just drank a bottle of water spread throughout the day and also had some room temperature chicken broth for dinner. I did bring up a bit of phlegm but not too bad. My ears, teeth, and jaw are killing me from them opening my jaw so I can only drink. The most painful part of the day was swallowing my antibiotic (its to provoke healing and prevent infection), but that was soon over. Tomorrow I'm going to try eating a popsicle and some small amounts of pudding to see how it goes. But over all first day not so bad :)
—Guest Regina


I had my tonsils removed 5 days ago, and I'm in the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. The first 3 days weren't so bad. I LIVED off of scrambled eggs and cheese. Today I cant eat anything without it hurting. I'm drinking LOTS of hot tea and that feels MARVELOUS! I'm 20 and wish I would have done this YEARS ago!
—Guest amanda

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