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Readers Respond: The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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Updated June 29, 2009

I got my Tonsils out 5 days ago

I have been eating normal food since day 3.... I have had no pain at all... I am doing great... IT didn't even hurt... i'm 16! :))
—Guest Haley

my tonsils & adeniods removed

I'm 18 years old and on December 27 I have them removed. My first day was okay I wasn't in much pain. Day 2 my throat hurt so bad. I ate mashed potatoes. Day 3 my even harder but I ate cream of chicken soup, which was not good. Now I have been drinking warm apple juice and jello which soothed my throat. The pain medicine doesn't help much but I pray I get better soon.
—Guest Arielle Carter

Laser, electric or old style operation

non of the above guests have said anything about the actual operation. I wonder is it only me, that did old style operation? I'm 27. Today is day 4 and the pain is reasonably OK! I can swallow, although couldn't sleep last night cuz I was hungry + pain. Strange enough my doctor advised me not to eat dairy products - esp milk? and orange juice too!?!?! I wonder why? Since operation No Bleeding at all. Can anyone advise me to what I should eat? I tried ice cream but it wasn't easy. I am starving :(
—Guest Robert Bay


My suggestion would be soup, ice cream causes way to much mucus and it hurts to swallow. Soup is the way to go, it feels so good running down your sore throat!
—Guest nicky

23 tonsils and adenoids

Just had my tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday and the pain is pretty bad. I notice that luke warm broth or cream of any soup feels amazing. The cold stuff is hard to drink but I know it helps with swelling so I switch back and forth. Good luck everyone.
—Guest lyn

After a week

The first day after surgery was not bad at all. I was encouraged to eat food the first day because it wouldn't hurt because everything was so numb. So, I ate normal food the first day and I'm thankful I did because a week later I haven't ate a thing! I'vr found that sherbet Ice cream is the best because normal ice cream causes more mucus and I get an upset stomach from milk products. Dr. thinks because of medicine. Also, I found that mashed potatoes are pretty easy to eat.
—Guest Marisa

Tonsils out at 17

The first day I really didn't feel much pain unless I swallowed something. Really try to stay on top of your medicine it really helps. I am on my second day and all I have had to eat so far is applesauce, jello, water, ice chunks, juice, Popsicles, and tomatoe soup.
—Guest April


To prevent pain in the Morning set an alarm to wake up at night to drink water. It sucks not to get any sleep but it makes your throat not to be so bad in the morning. Hope that helps!
—Guest Molls

Age 12- Hello Pain

I got my Tonsils out 4 days ago and let me tell you it hurt but I am feeling better. Take my word do not eat ice cream. Popsicles are better because ice cream leaves the worst taste in your mouth and trust me it is not fun having your mom yell at you because your breath stinks and if you do brush your teeth be very careful because it will burn your throat. :-)
—Guest Deetoro

Ice cream

I like ice cream better because I only like tomato soup, but I like many different types of ice cream.
—Guest Brooke Lubke

16 years old

Well I just got mine out this morning and it hurts to swallow and stuff but I've eaten noodles and aFfrosty. Taking medicine sucks but helps a lot. It's really not that horrible.
—Guest Emily

To Scared To Try

I just had my tonsils removed 5 days ago, the 1st & 2nd day were the worst. Just swallowing water killed! Ice cream & pudding was too thick for me, apple sauce and McDonalds frappe were what helped me most, I'm deciding whether I should try and eat spaghetti noodles or not, I hope this helped someone!
—Guest Kaitlyn


Im 21 and have had a special case which only one in 200 are lucky enough to experience... The third day after my surgery all was well until i ended up bleeding everywhere because a wound had formed a blood clot (definitely not for the faint of heart, but its not as fatal as it looks). Now my tonsils spots are killing me. Today I had lots of water, jello, applesauce, tea, and soup. After the soup, water has been extremely hard to take down due to the pain so i think that the broth had too much sodium and was a horrible idea for my tonsils. Stick to water, chewing popsicles, jello , or applesauce. Ice cream created too much phlegm which made it difficult to sleep and I had to walk around with a spit cup. Pain is dependent on age mostly: my younger sister had it easy because she was 14 and was eating cupcakes her next day while my father was stuck in his bed for a week at about 45 yo. Hope this helps.
—Guest Cat

day 5

-Okay ice-cream or soup I cant say which one works the best because I haven't tried it. I've been drinking water and mashed potatoes ;p Soda and other things just burn but i was trying new things yesterday and had 2 slices of baby pizzas from Pizza hut. The only thing that bugged me was the Pepperoni and the Crust but everything else was super good! (P.S.) - You will have really bad breath. I've been chewing 1 pack Orbit gum a day.! Extra minty doesn't help all the way but it works a little -GOOD LUCK :)
—Guest Guest A101

I'm tired of being hungry

I'm 16 and I'm so tired of not being able to eat anything. I'm on day 3 of having my tonsils taken out, and I need something else to eat other than soup. I've drank plenty of water to fill a pool. Sprite helps but not enough. I'm ready for all of this to be over. Christmas is two day away and I'm waiting to be able to eat all the good food. Hopefully you guys can help me find something else to eat. Soup is good but not enough!
—Guest Guest so hungry

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