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Readers Respond: The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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Updated June 29, 2009

1st day- 12 years old

Today i got my tonsils and adenoids removed. Its wasnt as painful as I expected- but when I woke up it was very uncomfortable. During the day I keep drifting to sleep. I have some cold drinks like smoothies- I suggest staying away from fruits with lots of seeds. I also was able to eat chicken soup with soft veggies. the chicken was very hard to swallow though. I'm eating more that I expected on the first day though.
—Guest Barbara

after surgery

I'm 15 years old & I had my tonsils taken out a week ago .. after the surgery it didn't hurt but the next day it did. I was crying & tired. I can't eat ice cream cause it hurts my throat so all I do is drink mello yellow. It works with my throat & doesn't hurt. I've been dizzy when I sit up but I'm on my 2nd week. Only 1 more week too go then I can eat again :))
—Guest guest keena

There out !

I'm 19 years old and had my tonsils out yesterday I'm feeling Okay today and have eaten a lot of apple sauce. My mom wanted me to try and get some mashed potatoes down and I havnt had a problem. Just worried about the next couple days .. I think it's different for everyone.
—Guest David

I ate ........

Pumkin pie without the crust and room temp applesauce and jello and pudding orange dream bars yum don't eat fruit melody or pear baby food yucky Mac n cheese is the best and so is scrambled eggs I'm on day 4
—Guest Sarah

5th day

Hello I'm 22 and today is my 5th day I woke up feeling a lot better today the first day was not as bad as the 2/3 day my whole body was in pain I felt really sore and week but thankfully it went away I've been eating soup since the second day nothing fancy just Lipton chicken noodle but today I finally ate some real junk food I had soggy French fries I know doesn't sound appetizing but I was desperate I was constipated for the first 3 days because of the narcotic and my scab just started peeling today so hopefully my healing is almost done I'm going to attempt to have lasagna for dinner wish me luck oh and drink alooooot of water:)
—Guest Alexaida


This is my second day and I'm 13, the first day was TERABLE! I couldn't swallow well at all or talk well. On top of that everyone is either eating my favorite foods or talking about them. And I couldn't sleep at night at all but I wake up for the day and got to watch TV and I fall asleep. It is crazy but today it dosen't hurt as bad as the 1st day though thank goodness! But my hand hurts alot too I think its because when I was in surgury I ripped out my ivy.
—Guest Teryn


Best thing I did was get my tonsils removed. I actually had a sip of Coca Cola and that worked wonders. I found it really soothing so I drank more and more and found I felt better from then on. Before that, I had the normal patato mash, custard, jelly, puree vegetables for a good 5 days after my sugery. I avoided ice-cream.
—Guest Angela

I was 12 When I got Mine Removed

I Had My tonsils Removed 5 days ago, and the first and second day were the worst. The Third day was okay and i could barely talk though but the easiest foods for me to eat was ice cream, beef broth, and jello but my throat stll hrts alot but the pain medicine works alot.
—Guest Guest #2

33 yrs old

I am on day three and have to admit that the pain is pretty bad. I was told by my ENT to swap out taking Tylenol and Narcotic pain meds I was prescribed. Yesterday, after eating some chicken broth and taking regular Tylenol I started vomiting. It was mainly liquid but was projectile. I finally had to call the Dr and get some Phenergan Suppositories. They knocked me out for a while and I woke up with a very raw throat. Now I am existing on Jello, chicken broth, and applesauce. I am also making Popsicle slushies that are super easy to make and are super good. The LPN that took care of me in post opt showed me how to make them. Take a twin pop or two single pops and put them in the microwave for a few seconds, take s fork and scrape it off in a cup, add a little bit of Sprite and stir. They really soothe my throat and taste good too. I know I have a while to go, but I'm taking it one day at a time. These posts have really helped me with a lot of pointers and make me feel less alone. Thx
—Guest T

Feeling pretty good

Had my toncills removed yesterday and I'm feeling kinda ok. So far the only thing I am able to keep down is water and apple juice. I really wish I had something else to eat or drink:(. But as far as pain goes don't really feel any just a swollen tounge. So I'm hoping it just keeps getting better from here. 25 yr old female
—Guest Heather


I'm 15 and I got my tonsils out 7 days ago. This has been the worst pain of my life. It gets worse before it gets better. The first 4 days I ate Popsicles, yard boiler eggs without the yolk, and doughnuts. But now I'm lucky if I get a Popsicle down my throat. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. It really helps. Don't eat food that will give you phlegm, I've had horrible phlegm for the past 7 days. I've been taking the pain medicine but stopped because I can't eat and don't want to sick. Good luck to anyone getting this done.
—Guest Dani

rice and black beans

I'm 20, right when I got out of surgery I was able to eat a Turkey sandwich on soft white bread as long as I chewed it a ton. Other than that I just ate rice with black beans, it was really easy to go down. Stay away from all citrus for 2 weeks and any "sharp/hard" food and spicy food. Drink tons of ice water too and putting ice on the outside of your neck before and after you eat makes it easier to swallow.
—Guest Kiersten

Its lasting longer than expected.

My 19 year old son had his tonsils out 5 days ago. He didn't require medicine for the first three days. He is in more pain now than day one or two. He is eating ice water, watered down juices, anything icy, and now milk products. His doctor suggested no milk products for several days because it can build up pleghm. He likes warm cream of wheat, mashed potatoes, Gatorade and udon or miso soup. Doctor also advised to stay away from anything red just in case he is bleeding. Makes sense. I would say good luck. Years ago I had my tonsils taken out. I was also 19. I haven't had a sore throat since. It is worth it. As my son says, he throat feels better than his worse sore throat. He is healing and it will get easier.
—Guest Mom of 19 year old

12 and tonsils out

I got my tonsils out and it didn't hurt that bad, but for the first week don't eat dairy!!!! It makes your throat all phlegm-filled and hard to swallow. Only eat soft things! Don't have icees on the first day, the flakes of ice HURT! Don't use straws, sucking puts strain on the back of the throat. I found that cold applesauce was the best to eat. It was really soothing to my throat. Btw. Don't talk until your throat stops hurting! I got this app for my phone called "type and talk" its for all apple products. I hope this helped! :)
—Guest Sam

Pudding and Icees

Im 13, and am on day 9 (1 week, 2 days). The first day was fine. I had to get the IV put in 4 diff. times though because of being dehydrated. I slept most of the time. The first day I ate only Popsicles. Day 2- Jello, Pudding, No icecream!!! Day 3- I had my stepdad bring me a blue icee for 3 days, and on the 3rd day I ended puking all of them up.. Since then I've eaten mashed potatoes, Mac n cheese, McDonald's soft French fries, McDonald's hot fudge sundaes, Chicken broth, Powerade. And water!! No dairy products. The pains are very bad in the morning. It usually helps to put cold ice packs on swollen areas. It helps to chew gum. Once your about halfway through like I am, it's okay. You wake up sore alot, but then as you start drinking and eating it feels as a regular strep throat. Ear pain is terrible though! They havnt gone away yet... Stay hydrated! :)
—Guest Makaylaaaa!

Ice Cream or Soup?

The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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