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Readers Respond: The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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Updated June 29, 2009

19 years old, post-op day 2

I had my tonsils out yesterday and survived on Popsicles and speedway slushies yesterday. Today I was soooo hungry, we tried some mashed potatoes but found they were too thick to swallow because of all the swelling. However, if you cut the potatoes with chicken broth it turns into a kind of potato soup! delicious and thin enough to swallow. definitely helps with the hunger :) good luck!
—Guest Megan Ruestman

Im 12 and got toncilis removed yesterday

Yesterday I got them out and was laying in the recovery room. I wanted my mom but I was strong enough to calm myself down. I listened to the nurse when she said stop rubbing your eyes politely to me. When you get out of the thing that makes you sleep, you'll be dizzy. When the nurse takes you up to your room your [parents might be there or coming, mine was in the room:) she said hey baby with a smile I felt so happy! I wanted to hug her but I couldn't because I was to dizzy and sleepy. so i fell asleep and then I woke up. Then I was feeling a bit better but not that good. While I was in the hospital I puked 3 times. First you have to drink a LITTLE SIP! NEVER MORE!!!!!!! You will have a bigger chance of vomiting if you drink lots of water! The next day you can drink a bit more of water you will feel a bit better. sleep a lot the first 2 to 4 days! Hope I helped!!!
—Guest Leila

horrid feeling

Hi im 46 years old and had my tonsils and adenoids out yesterday so today has been day one cool soup and ice pops and jacket spuds have been the order of the day i feel fine in myself and am going back to work tomorrow
—Guest daz

It hurts

My tonsils were taken out 5 days ago, it hurt to swallow anything, but I found out that mashed potatoes and jello go down really well. Both my medicines make it hurt even more before they kick in but it barely touches the pain. The doctor said I'd have the most pain of any tonsil surgery because mine were so far back in my throat. It sucks majorly. And your breath reeks no matter how much you brush your teeth, btw I'm 15.
—Guest Christina


Its been 3 days and it hurts soooo much but eating jello really help its easy to eat it doesn't hurt much so I like it ,today I started to eat rice ( not such a good idea ) but the best food u can eat is jello ice cream and water ,good luck and get better soon ^^ (I'm 16 )
—Guest Haya

5 year old tonsills out

my son has his taken out yesterday..woke up screaming right after, got pain meds and 20 mins later we were leaving the hospital and he was fine.. we have kept him hydrated, and you really wouldnt know he had them taken out except when he wakes up from a nap.. he is starving.. when he wakes up i spray a mist of cold water in his mouth he says it helps a lot.. we r only on day but he seems fine to me
—Guest mommad

It's not that bad!!

I had my tonsils out yesterday, had 2 yogurts in hospital and lots of water!! Ice cold water is brilliant to soothe the pain, last night I had chicken and sweetcorn soup from the Chinese takeaway. It goes down easy as its like a broth with a little bit of chewing, which is good for you to keep using muscles in your mouth, all makes healing process quicker, it just takes a long time to eat anything and the temperature of the food needs to be cooler! Today I think I will have noodles, nothing too heavy or cloggy if that makes sense, oh ya and sorbet too :) good luck all!!
—Guest Charlie

Tonsils out-- 35 years old

I am much older than most of the people that have posted here, but found that on day 10 eating pickles totally numbed my throat and now I can swallow really easily!! It's temporary, but who cares-- a little relief is good.
—Guest Lori

recovery 5 days later.

I had my tonsils taken out 5 days ago.. i'm so hungry that my stomach is making noises... it's that bad. I have been clenching my teeth in my sleep so my tongue and teeth hurt most. i can barely drink water as well... im 18 years old.. feel like im about 5 right now.. pain is so unreal. NOBODY believes me.
—Guest kelsey

Worse for adults

Ice cream, non-citrus popsicles, ice water ,and mashed potatoes have been my staples since my tonsilectomy a week and a half ago. My throat is just now healing to the point where I can eat real food again. I'm still on the narcotics + Tylenol, and maybe switch to plain Tylenol here in the next day or two. Do NOT take ibuprofen, it will thin you blood and earn you a trip to the ER for bleeding and bloodclots that are dangerously close to your brain! Any way, keeping up on the meds and staying ahead of the pain has been my biggest help. Eating posicles, cheeseburgers, protein shake (don't use a straw, seriously), and using ice packs have kept me going and rather healthy.
—Guest Emma

No fun

This is day 3 of my tonsil suffering. Yesterday and the day before, I could barely swallow even water. I like chewing on crushed ice and I love eating jello. My sister and I both got them out on the same day and we are still hurting. The medicine tastes pretty gross, and kind of stings, so use tylenol instead. Drinks tons of water, eat jello, and don't talk because your throat is raw and it will hurt. Good luck.
—Guest Ouch!

ice pops

I just got my tonsils removed the pain is very small. If you drink your medicines you won't feel a thing... Eating popsicles and ice cream really helps numb the pain... My second day after the surgery I ate fish...if you're worried before your operation just relax it doesn't hurt.
—Guest Hugo

End of Day 1

I just had my tonsils out about 14 hours ago, I was able to eat ice chips in the hospital right after I woke up and had plenty of popsicles and applesauce when I got home. However, I cannot take my pain meds because I keep having allergic reactions! It says to go to the ER if you have one, but I'm just going to call my doctor in the morning. Stay away from straws! I used one to drink an Icee from the gas station and it BURNED! However, once I switched to a spoon all was well.
—Guest Molls

Macaroni and Cheese!

I got my tonsils taken out-- 6 days ago and it is honestly one of the most painful things I have ever gone through in my life. But, suprisingly I've found that eating macaroni and cheese is the best for my throat. It tastes good and the noodles just slide down your throat. I'm 17 and I'm also getting really bad ear aches, if this happens to any of you get medication quick or you WILL cry... don't put heat on it though! Cause you'll end up bleeding. Good luck to everyone else!
—Guest Emily

six and tonsils out

My son just had his tonsils out yesterday and I swear its like he never had surgery! He wants to eat everything, but I'm scared because the doc said only soups, ice cream and clear liquids. But he wants pbj, chips, blueberries and spagetti! What do I do? Let him have it and risk bleeding or will it be ok? Please help!!!
—Guest christina

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