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Readers Respond: The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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Updated June 29, 2009

Tonsils removed yesterday

I'm 14 and I've already lost 5 pounds in the past two days. I'm hungry so I have been eating apple sauce, yogurt, water, and jello. I'm trying not to talk because it hurts too much. There is this disgusting white crap where my tonsils and adenoids were removed and I don't know how to get rid of it because I've tried gurgling but nothing's working
—Guest Emily

Soup - broth

I could not have anything cold as it made the pain significantly worse. Lots of tea, broth, ramen (though I usually half the seasoning packet the warm salt water was very soothing) the first week. I had my tonsillectomy at age 45, and have wondered how common my preference for warm liquids is.

Tonsils, and hurting.

So, last Friday I got my tonsils taken out. So I'd be on my 4th day, since today is Tuesday. The first day I could pretty much eat anything I even ate chips but I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT! I am paying for it now. I can bearly swallow. I'm not really eating anything. But, I wish I could. I have been spitting a lot lately. I guess that's normal? I wasn't really paying attention to what my doctor was saying I was just looking into his eyes cause he is so pretty. But I'd eat jello, pudding, soup, soft foods like eggs, mashed taters' and such. I can talk, but it's like a little baby's voice. It's so low and no one can hear me. I cannot wait till all of this heals!
—Guest Kayanne

Ice cream

Hi I'm Tara and I'm 12 and I've eaten ice cream since day 1 and I haven't tasted the mucus everyone else talks about stay hydrated though that really helps! I say that French fries help because they are soft but not too much salt suck on them so you can swallow it too. I'm on day 6 and are feeling much better than the 1st couple days!!! Lots of crafts have gotten me through it!! Mornings are the worst part so when you wake up go get some water or liquid before you swallow and then it wont be as bad. Stay on top of your medication that will only help you! Set an alarm if you have to!!! Do what it takes! Be strong and just fight right through it you will be just fine!!! Plus think of all the junk food you get to eat! Ice cream, slushies, milkshakes, lollipops, gum and other great things so it's kinda fun if you put it that way! Hope I helped out!!
—Guest Tara


I'm on day 5 after getting my tonsils and adenoids out, it gets worse for me everyday. The first two days were great, I ate soup, and ice cream, and even biscuits! After the second day it just got worse! My whole mouth hurts, and my throat. It hurts to swallow, and I don't drink a lot. I've had bites of mashed potatoes, and slim fast shakes. I try to drink water, but that hurts as well. I do believe it gets worse everyday, and my best advice would be to drink water, and eat as much as you can after you take your pain medicine. That is when you'll feel the best.
—Guest Amber


I had just gotten my tonsils and adenoids removed this morning and it hurts but not as bad as the thought. Drink plenty of water and Gatorade and about 6 or 7 hours after my surgery my throat started to swell and it hurt to swallow. I would try taking a hot shower maybe or a hot bath that may help you to relax. Hope that helps (Oh and when you get the surgery DON'T GET THE GAS MASK, you will have a gross after taste and will make you nausea.
—Guest Khloe

Day 6.....

I'm 10 and sorbets and Jello are my lifesavers. Something cold is good when you are in pain. It hurts a bit to swallow so when I have popsicles I agree with the people who said no dairy, makes you really mucusy. but pretty much whatever feels good on the throat. The ice shaver like liv said helps a bunch. The 3-5 days are the bad but 5-6 days are the worst,when your scab comes off. I had an egg and potatatoes for breakfast. The egg wasn't too bad. Yesterday i was dying to eat some kind junk food LOL!!!(ice cream, Jello!!) Pirate Booty was pretty good. Creamy soup is good.
—Guest lizzie

Not That Bad

I know I am very lucky because during the operation there was pretty much no blood, and my throat isn't swollen and I can breathe right. Today is 5 days after my operation (day 6?) and my diet is pretty much Popsicles. I also eat plain Greek yogurt, or gogurt(yummy!)along with chicken broth, but it's cold and tasteless so I tend to stck to the Popsicles My throat only hurts when I swallow, so I'm doing fine pain wise . Nothing red! Then you can't tell wether you are bleeding or not. Good luck! Peace!
—Guest Meh

Teenager on Day 5

The best thing I have had so far is probably the weirdest. If you mix plain whit cake with mango sorbet it is easy to swallow and feels amazing! I also had some beef ravioli that comes out of the can. Just be sure to get ALL of the sauce off otherwise it will burn your throat. Casaroles work well, my favorite was ham and cheese catarole. Green beans are ok when they are mashed up. We were told to stay away from dairy because it makes your saliva thick and hard to swallow. As for soup, acidic foods will burn so stay away from tomato. I have had some French Onion and just drained it well.
—Guest In Pain

13years old

Ive been eating ice cream and ice blocks, jelly and sandwiches. They are the best. I'm very scared of swallowing tablets, as I've choked on one in the past. If your like myself, crush them up with some honey or cut it into 2-6 pieces.
—Guest Erin

The pain !!!

I believe I am on day 4 of recovery. The pain is at its peak. The doctor told me my pain will last a tad bit longer because my tonsils were huge. Yesterday I did not eat anything because the pain is to much for me to handle. All I do is lay in bed and sleep. The medicine helps me because I fall asleep and do not feel any pain. I drink slushies and they feel sooooo good on my throat. :) I've grown to love mashed potatoes haha. What can I do?
—Guest Josh

Tonsils had to go!

I had my tonsils out 20 years ago, but that memory of how bad it was is still clear as day. I had the EXTREME throat pain and could hardly eat anything! I tried ice cream, but it left a coating in my throat that was so hard to get rid of and made it uncomfortable. My biggest help was eating mashed potatoes. The go down easily and didn't leave a coating. At day ten post-op the back of my throat was STILL covered white, soon after that I got better. It was totally worth it! I had so many infections before and had two small kids to look after. I also don't tollerate many antibiotics, so getting them out was the best option. Every person is different, heals differently and has a different responce to pain. Those of you who are really new to tonsillectomy, just wait it out. It gets better. And having less infections or improving your sleep is important.
—Guest Guitarrgirl

First Day

My 4 year old daughter just has her tonsils taken out today, the poor baby spent all day sleeping but when she woke up she was ready to eat anything on site! She was so hungry that after having two servings of ice cream five popsicles she went on to eat crackers a banana some watermelon and also ate her brother's left over sandwich. I am a little worried that it might scratch her throat and she will have a man's voice but she has been snacking and chatting up a storm the whole night (too much energy after sleeping all day!), She is so brave I think I cried more when the nurses were putting on her IV than she did. I hope you guys are feeling better and that you are having as easy experience as we are.
—Guest Big Baby

Tonsils out and not so bad

Got my tonsils out this morning and I'm in my 30's. Sure it hurts and sucks but no worse than having strep 6-8 times a year. I started with probiotic vanilla yogurt, could hardly open my mouth but u know what? It felt so good. I've had issues with dairy causing phlegm but found because my throat was so dry it actually soothed it. Forcing myself to drink tons of water and have already eaten small bowl of lukewarm cream of mushroom soup, Mac and cheese and now I'm sipping on chicken noodle soup with little bits at a time. It hurts there is no getting around it but take your meds and try your best to eat something. The body will physically and mentally feel better so you are more emotionally able to deal with the pain. I was reminded of how short lived and small in comparison this is compared to a child that is undergoing therapy for having just having had a stroke. Suck it up! You are gonna survive. Eat healthy and rest. Get comfy and expect to just be with yourself, tv and pain.Good luc
—Guest El

It DOES hurt, but it will get better!

I had my procedure done three weeks ago. I am now slowly getting better, but it has been a very rough road. One thing to remember about this is that it goes in stages. The first few days are fine. Days 5, 6, or 7 will start a painful cycle. It will hurt. Just remember - as long as you take pain meds, you will be just fine. Use a humidifier. It will help your throat. Furthermore, drink FIBER. Use Metamucil or some other supplement. Pain meds are horribly constipating, and I was very miserable. Make sure to eat good foods that are really bland - applesauce, etc. Just remember - it WILL get better. I promise. I have had so many terrible infections throughout my 10+ years of suffering, so I would definitely do it over again. I have no knowledge of whether it will truly help, but I am optimistic about the future. Good luck to you all!
—Guest AP

Ice Cream or Soup?

The Best Foods to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

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