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Readers Respond: How To Prevent a Sore Throat From Acid Reflux

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Updated July 29, 2009

Acid reflux and GERD are common causes of a sore throat, especially in the morning. Managing acid reflux can significantly decrease this symptom. While there are many medications you can take to control acid reflux there are things you can do at home such as propping yourself upright or not eating late at night. What works for you?

sore throat from gerd

I gargle with salt warm water at night when needed, seems to help me. sip water all day while at work to keep my mouth from from drying. I have really bad GERD problem feels like my nose is burning, taking Prilosec but seems to be not working, and sore throat is annoying.
—Guest diver57

Tea Time!

I find that a sore throat from this instance is especially soothed by a nice glass of cold chamomile tea. I know... boring, right? I hate tea, but it's become my best friend, as I've been having reflux symptoms for over a month now.
—Guest Kristin B.

Lemon Drops or Candies

Be careful, sucking on any hard candy on a regular basis can rot your teeth at the gum line. This happened to my mother.
—Guest Dee

Natural Remedies, Not Drugs

I saw an ear, throat and nose specialist for problems like Fabio's and he basically prescribed the new 'miracle' drug. Sore throat and loss of voice went away within about three days, and it was great, because I could eat and drink anything and my stomach was humming along. And then a whole bunch of side effects started appearing, sore stomach, flatulence, pain in the gallbladder, bloated stomach (I look pregnant!), and no matter how much I exercise, I'm gaining weight. It occurred to me that a drug that solves one problem by creating ten more is just a drug, not a miracle. The doctor also gave me a long list of natural remedies, which was the smarter move. I didn't take the dose today and I can already feel a little irritation in the throat. It's actually the acid burning the vocal chords and esophagus. What helps that condition is drinking a lot of water, abstaining from food before bed, and raising the head of the mattress slightly.
—Guest Danielle

Werther's Original candies

After trying propping myself up with two pillows, saltine crackers and social tea biscuits which of course came back up with my meds and the water I used to take them. I have Crohns Disease and GERD. I discovered that the sweetness and flavour of Werther's Original candies worked the very best at keeping my tummy settled and my GERD from recurring, as well as the incredible relief of my constant sore throat. I'm not sure if the sweetness or the increase in saliva which it produces, but they have a remarkable influence ony constant dry, sore throat. I am so fed up with clearing my throat and then having to reassure everyone around me that "I'm not contagious." Gaviscon has saved my life by reducing the unpleasantness of passing gas, as well as the extreme abdominal pain from the gas bubbles' location. I hope this helps even one person to have a more manageable day.
—Guest Linda Figsby-Saikali


Fabio, you need to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist" and get some medication.
—Guest david

sore Throat

I had a surgery 3 month ago,I got general anesthesia which was so bad for me 'cause it was really difficult for me to recover after that.The sore throat disappeared but I have something uncomfortable on the back of my throat that does not let me breathe 100%,I don't know if it's still irritated or if the acid reflux is killing me.The problem gets worse in the night. I feel like if I have phlegm.If my throat is irritated what can I do? Please help me.
—Guest Fabio Lopez

No more alcohol

I finally realized that the nightly glass made me feel so bad the next day that I just didn't need it. I do miss a glass of wine with dinner, but I do NOT miss the sore throat, burning chest and uncomfortable feeling of acid reflux.

Lemon Drops

Skip the medicated cough drops, suck on a lemon drop. They help to activate saliva which will moisturize an irritated throat. I keep a bag of them at my bedside.
—Guest lila

What works for you?

How To Prevent a Sore Throat From Acid Reflux

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