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Readers Respond: Tell Us What Was the Worst Part of Having Your Tonsils Removed

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Updated November 05, 2010

Is it the pain, the food or the nausea? Tell us what the worst part of having your tonsils removed and what you wish you would have known before undergoing the surgery.

feels like yesterday

Im 25 and had my tonsils removed 3yrs ago and right now it feels like I just took them out. I cant speak properly my ears hurt n worse I have a very blocked nose when I try to blow my nose I literally cry, is this even supposed to be happening? oh I feel like death. help me!!
—Guest Lee

Swallowing!! :,(

Every time I swallow it hurts, it feels like I'm swallowing glass, even though its my own saliva, flavored water, or juice. So far I've lost 12 pounds in 1 week. If I'd have known the amount of pain that came with this I would not have got them removed; my doctor said I had a choice, so I decided what the heck might as well get it done, even though they didn't really hurt at all. Please guys don't get the surgery unless you absolutely have to! And the best thing is sherbet, pop-sickles, and freezes. Oh and I can't forget about Gatorade and peach juice.
—Guest Alley16h

I promise it's not terrifying!

I'm 19 and got them taken out yesterday morning. Day two is just fine, but I'm so accustomed to chronic sore throats that this is nothing. My suggestion is frozen yogurt. It has vitamins and protein! Also, sit in the sun. Not only will that improve your mood, but you will heal faster. The worst part for me was waking up after the anesthesia. Yes swallowing sucks, but don't give up. This is absolutely positively worth it!!! If you're in the Greek system during college, get these out during the summer before recruitment! Makes life sooo much easier, and your voice will sound prettier :D
—Guest Stacey

After the pain...

The pain was not as bad as I was expecting...I took my pain meds as scheduled, drank as much as I could, and it went away within a week. My worst part is right now: 2 weeks after my procedure and I'm left with dents where the tonsils used to be. Food keeps getting stuck in these dents and it's very difficult to get out. It feels very uncomfortable and will most certainly lead to problems with bad breath if I keep having this problem. I know my swelling hasn't fully gone down, so maybe things will improve...but I'm starting to regret having them out. I wish my doctor had discussed this possibility with me...
—Guest E

Extreme pain

I can't believe the extreme pain I went through for two weeks after my tonsil surgery. I couldn't even swallow my own spit. I lost 13 pounds and a month later I am still losing because everything I eat taste metallic. I also can't control my sneezes and the snot really flies.
—Guest mars


I have a friend that got his tonsils taken out 5 days ago. On his third day he puked out blood everywhere. He was rushed to the emergency room and ended up losing 700 ml of blood. The doctor said he had never seen anything like it. I went to visit him once he got out and he could barely talk and had to spit out blood every five minutes. He also said it was painful to swallow. He looked horrible. Ugh..and now I have to go get my tonsils removed. Great :/
—Guest alasondra


I am eleven and am petrified of having my tonsils taken out. The doctors said I should have had them taken out when I was nine. I am shaking and I never want to get them out, but when I get sick I have the space of a penny to breathe through because the tonsils are so big. I am so scared but my dad had them taken out when he was nine and he still got strep throat! My sister who is eight will probably be full of sympathy for me even though she hates me.
—Guest CookieMonsterI.P.


No body truly knows the pain and how much it hurts... I'm on day 3 and its the worst thing i have ever felt. By day 5 to 6 they say all the scabs fall off. So I dont know what I'm in for... Never get 'em removed!
—Guest Jimbo

Worst Part of Tonsillectomy

When the scabs fall off, itch, scratch, gag and bad breath... did I say painful too?
—Guest mike


The worst part of getting your tonsils removed is by far the swallowing. I am on day one and the pain is near unbearable. I can't swallow any liquids or soft foods caused from the pain. Every time I swallow it's like my body is rejecting it and makes me somewhat spasm. I wish I knew swallowing would be so painful before undergoing the surgery.
—Guest Caden1193

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