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Readers Respond: Tell Us What Was the Worst Part of Having Your Tonsils Removed

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Updated November 05, 2010

Is it the pain, the food or the nausea? Tell us what the worst part of having your tonsils removed and what you wish you would have known before undergoing the surgery. Tonsillectomy Woes


I am on day five. The first couple days were the worst for me . I couldn't eat or drink anything. It was horrible but by the 3rd day I started. To eat and drink. I'm only 12 but honestly it wasn't as bad at I thought. As long as you chew your food as much as you can before you swallow because that's the part that hurts . I started to eat Fruit snacks , smoothies , cereal and , soup. As long as nothing scratched my throat I was good. I tried to drink pop but it hurt my throat. Best thing is to keep your mouth moist or it will start to hurt, and try not to talk as much.
—Guest tay

Day 3

I had my tonsils taken out three days ago. The worst thing for me was the pain med because it made me dizzy and nauseated. I stopped taking it and took children's Tylenol liquid instead (get the sugar-free kind-). This morning I decided to take Tylenol as needed because I don't like the taste of it. I am able to swallow, even though it's still a little uncomfortable to do so. I was told that I should force myself to drink lots of water from day 1 (which I did). I kept thinking, "No pain, no gain." Yes, it was painful, but it has helped me in the long run, I think. Last night I was able to eat a bowl of Ramen and this morning I had two sliced of french toast. I am continuing to take the steroids the doctor prescribed because it's supposed to keep the swelling down. I am trying to swallow the scabs (I can feel them in the back of my throat). Eat soft foods, refrain from anything with dairy (it causes mucus), and drink lots of water (I drink room temp water). By the way, I am 48 years old
—Guest Teresa

not that bad

I got my tonsils out Wednesday and it hasn't been as bad as people have told me it would be. It's uncomfortable and I can't eat solids, but its not unbearable. I just can't wait to eat some pasta, tacos, bbq chicken......
—Guest anissa

My Ears!

I'm on day 4, recovering from my tonsillectomy. I have to say that the worst part of this is not just the throat pain, but the ear pain! the radiating ear pain is horrible. My throat pain has gotten better, but my ears do hurt when I wake up and re-hydrate. USE ICE PACKS! they help so much. The "peas" brand from CVS are a god send. I still can't eat anything but jello and pudding. Just remember that it will all be worth it in the end. Best wishes to everyone :)
—Guest Lauren M


I am 33 years old . I had my tonsils taken out 3 days ago. Day one and day 2 no pain at all, I could eat most every thing. Today, day 3, my throat hurt but not that bad at all. I had mac and cheese this morning. I was expecting more pain . Good luck to every one :)
—Guest Diako

day 4

I'm on day 4 after getting my tonsils out, the day I had the operation it didn't hurt at all but I was given alot of painkillers while I was asleep. I managed to eat solid food 2 hours after the op. Day 2 idk what you call it but the dangly thing at the back of my throat was really swollen and my tongue was numb which made it really hard to swallow even water. Day 3 The scabs started to develop and surprisingly I couldn't eat ice cream as it just coated the scabs but I managed to eat crisps and after eating crisps I had no pain for an hour! Day 4 today has been the worst day by far, I am tired of eating the same foods and being stuck in the house feeling sick! Also because I am unable to eat normal meals I am starting to feel hungry all the time! Some tips: Don't eat ice cream, it just coats the scabs. I expected it to hurt more than it did. It just feels like tonsillitis.
—Guest rebecca

Day 6 of surgery

I'm on my sixth day of recovery. It's a very painful moment. When I swallow everything hurts ear and throat. I've lost 7 pounds. I don't eat as much as I'm suppose to, but I'm fighting. But I bet on the 10-12 day I will be able to eat so much food. Here are some tips -try eating chips of ice -do not eat anything spicy -drink a lot of water -don't stay in the bed all week, get outside, but don't run, or play any sports just relax sit for a couples minutes. -try blending some fruits and drinking it, very healthier and easier than eating :) -well those are my ideas. Good luck on your recoveries :)
—Guest Age 15 male


I really don't know why everyone's saying it hurt, haha but everyone's different. I'm a 17 year old m and just got my tonsils removed. ON MY BIRTHDAY! And I was eating solids 40 minutes after I woke up. It's day 12 now and my throat still hurts but it's not as bad as my yawning, when I yawn I want to die. -____-
—Guest Ethan

Tonsilectomy Recovery Day 6

I'm 13 and I had my tonsils removed last Wednesday due to recurring tonsillitis. The day I came home I was fine, a little pain but nothing unbearable, and that continued for the next 2 days. Sunday was awful! I had a really bad earache and whenever I tried to eat or drink, the earaches would come back! Today is Monday Day 6 and its been by far the worst day! The pain has been awful, I've eaten hardly anything and I'm starving! I started eating solid foods the day of my surgery! The tonsil scabs have formed, and I think that part of them have fallen off when I was eating some food :( I hope I helped someone, I know it feels like it's never going to end, but it will! I can't wait to start eating properly again as I'm a proper foodie! Happy Recovery :)
—Guest Emily

It hurts .

I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out 3 days ago. It hurts to swallow and drink. The best thing to do is drink a lot cause when your scabs get dry it'll hurt way worse then it does now. Also take your medicine when your supposed to. It helps more then you think. If you like mashed potatoes I'd say that is the best thing to eat && cut up Popsicles. It's always good to drink G2 Gatorade. I'm also 13. They say the younger you are to get them out is better because its less pain. So just try and eat and drink.
—Guest Haley.

not what expected

I am 35 y/o f I had my tonsil s out 5 days ago. The first two days were easy. I ate eggs and ramen noodles. The 3rd and 4th day I cried, not only cuz of the pain but I was frustrated I couldn't do anything that I normally do.Today is day 5 and its bad. My ears hurt my tongue feels like its being ripped out of my mouth. I feel like I have canker sores all over my mouth. My doctor said I am at the peak of pain. I really hope it gets better. Everyday after day 2 the pain got worse. Eat lots of ice chips, let them slide down your throat. Gatorade slushies saved my life. Warm chicken broth felt really good too. Drink lots and lots of water. I can eat mash potatoes and gravy now which taste like heaven. Hang in there. I am trying.
—Guest andrea

It's... Hurting

Im 17 with a great pain tolerance, but all I can say is, it hurts. I mean I've had worse sore throats, and yes I think this is worth it. It's day two and it hurts a lot. Not too much swelling, if it is there I don't really notice it. I cry sometimes but just a bit - mostly because the pain is frustrating not so much because it hurts. I get nausea and I hate throwing up so that kinda is scaring me. Overall I figured out laying on your side works best for my nausea and of course sleeping. reminds me of getting my tongue pierced actually, same good old swelling and I was lucky. I can't wait to eat solid foods. I recommend Chinese food (authentic) it's soft and is satisfying even if only a little bit. I was never one for Popsicles or ice cream so I don't really care to eat it. Eating something I enjoy is much more satisfying for the pain. My throat is almost all white and it's interesting watching my body take charge. I'm excited to be healed and I don't mind sleeping all the time. It's nice to talk about it.
—Guest Emily

Day 10

I admit I was really scared. I'm on day 10 it's not all that bad. I am a schoolteacher and I only expected to be gone or down for eight days. I'm 23 years old so the doctor said that should be reasonable. I was nowhere near ready on day eight you need to take a lot of time for yourself to recover. Day 6-10 have been the worst. Don't be afraid of the horror stories just drink a ton of ice water and you will recover faster good luck!
—Guest Lauren

First 1-3 days is nothing

Im currently on day 9 and alot better 25 yo/M. As I scroll down and read all these posts I'm seeing that a lot of you are posting on day one or two, but the real pain doesn't start til 4-7 and eating any solid foods is just crazy until you can swallow without pain. For me the worst part was the pain, not eating and just feelin lazy for over a week. And your right, set alarms at night to take your meds on a time schedule and drink something, nothing worse than wakin up in pain cause you slept too long. Good Luck, Its def worth it..
—Guest Sean

Not so bad

I'm on day 7 now. I couldn't even drink the first couple days. The pain wasn't as bad though once I rounded onto day 5. The taste came back and I actually enjoyed ghengis grill I'm my third day no prob
—Guest Man

Tonsillectomy Woes

Tell Us What Was the Worst Part of Having Your Tonsils Removed

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