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Readers Respond: What Affects Your Post Nasal Drip and How Do You Treat It

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Updated June 20, 2009

From the article: Post Nasal Drip
Many people suffer from post nasal drip. It can be caused by the common cold, seasonal allergies, food allergies and more. Do you have a great tip for battling post nasal drip? We'd love to hear it. Post Nasal Drip Remedies


Cold weather can effect this. To get rid of this I suggest drinking plenty of warm water and having a hot bath.......
—Guest dechen lhamo


I find taking Allersoothe at night ('cause it makes you drowsy) is the best way to deal with "THE DRIP" I take it for a few nights and then find I can go quite a few without it being needed.
—Guest julie

Vitamin C

I have a neti pot and vitamin C lozenges. This helps me every morning. Use the neti pot at night before bed. Drink plenty of water and green tea. Loratadine tablets also help me.
—Guest sarah

Mucus was reduced

I went to an ENT Specialist. She prescribed loratadine and AYR Saline Nasal Rinse. I have been suffering from this for years. I have chronic bad breath because of it. My breath is better and I'm very happy. Now I'm going to see an allergist to help me determine the root cause. It may be dairy products.
—Guest Robert

nasal drip

Having suffered from this problem for years as a result of GERD, I find that sipping a lemon and honey mixture gives relief.
—Guest peter

post nasal drip

I suffer from post nasal drip as a result of GERD. I have found that - 1) dairy products are bad news 2) chewing gum gets saliva moving 3) apple at night helps 4) kurols, and Vicks lozenges help 5) drinking plenty of water helps 6) carbonated drinks are bad 7) chocolate is bad 8) alcohol is bad (unfortunately) 9) cold air is bad 10) lying with head flat or down is bad P.S: note that some of these are related to GERD rather than PND
—Guest peter

post nasal drip

It was just common cold in the beginning and I later realized that it was allergic rhinitis . I developed it because of air conditioners . Am taking ayurvedic medicine for that , which really helped me but i always have sore throat. Don't know how to get rid of this problem completely.
—Guest hi

post nasal drip

I have post nasal drip as they say...what can I do for it please help
—Guest Felicia U

Post nasal drip

I usally drink a lot of water and suck on hard candies to soothe my throat. Post Nasal drip sucks but I guess it could be worse
—Guest Cait

post nasal drip

I've had post nasal drip for some years now and this seems to be getting worse. The mucus which comes out tastes salty and it dirties my tongue, leaving some sort of sour taste in my mouth which makes me to brush most often. Lastly I seem to have some odor in my mouth which my friends tells me its not a bad odor. I would be grateful if you could help me on this. Also, I'm from Ghana.
—Guest Emmanuel

Dairy is my arch-enemy!

I noticed a slight sensitivity to dairy in my teens. It started w digestive issues. Over time I noticed a massive buildup of mucus in the back of my throat, constant dripping, even having a "cold" year round. After going on a date in my early twenties and having both digestive issues and the sinus issues following a milkshake I realized it was all connected. Over the past few years I've tried to pull all dairy from my diet. My doctors have all said tests show no allergy, but at this point even a bag of Doritos is enough to set me up for 2 months of constant battling with post nasal drip. I've built up such resistance to remedies. Neti pots, homeopathic tablets, Asian organic teas, over the counter drugs, nothing works. Benadryl makes me groggy while I wake every 2 seconds throughout the night to cough out itchy phlegm drips. Here's my solution: ask before eating, read all ingredient labels. If its normally cooked w cheese, most likely there's cheese in it. Stay alert. Dairy sucks!
—Guest Remnant - MI

Ugh, nasal drip

Is it possible to get a bad sore throat and a headache from post nasal drip?
—Guest Joseph

Bee Proplis

I find that bee proplis helps with my nasal drip.
—Guest Esther

Bad Allergies

I have really bad allergies and chronic post nasal drip year round. If I forget my allergy medication, even just for one day, I get sick to my stomach and get a bad headache. So my best remedy is to take my Zyrtec every day! When I start to get even more congested (like I'm getting a cold), I used saline spray and rinse my sinuses. It is so effective at helping to manage the mucous and always makes me feel better immediately.
—Guest Kristi


I am horrible about living mostly on sodas, so I am chronically slightly dehydrated. The condition worsens when I drink alcohol, especially at night, setting me up for a nasty attack of post nasal drip in the morning. Since mine is usually from dehydration, I find that drinking plenty of water generally helps. I like chewing gum or sucking on mints also, to get the saliva flowing.

Post Nasal Drip Remedies

What Affects Your Post Nasal Drip and How Do You Treat It

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