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Readers Respond: How To Get Used To a C-PAP

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Updated March 25, 2010

From the article: What Is Sleep Apnea?
Adjusting to a C-PAP can be difficult. It's so difficult that a large number of patients are not compliant in wearing their C-PAP machine to bed at night. This can lead to complications of sleep apnea including depression, daytime fatigue, and even heart failure. If you've been successful in wearing your C-PAP share your tips with others.

How do you get used to a CPAP

When I started using it I was a little claustrophobic about the mask, but my Doctor gave me some sleeping pills to get me to calm down and get to sleep with the thing on. It took about two weeks. Now I won't even take a nap without it. I've graduated to nose pillows which are much more comfortable and less constraining. CPAP is great. It has changed my life.
—Guest Charles

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