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Pediatric ENT Disorders

A list of articles explaining common ENT disorders that children may experience.

Everything You Need to Know About Middle Ear Infections (Otitis Media)
A middle ear infection is an infection of the middle ear. Most people refer to middle ear infections just as ear infections. The correct medical term is otitis media. This article gives information on causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of middle ear infections.

Does My Child Have Hearing Loss?
Learn the symptoms of hearing loss in children and when you should see your pediatrician.

How Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Occurs
Cleft lip and palate occurs due to a combination of both genetic and environmental factors (multifactorial inheritance). This is called congenital malformation. All factors that lead to the potential cleft lip and palate relate to the embryonic stage of development (3 to 8 weeks pregnant).

What Is Cleft Lip and Palate?
Cleft lip usually originates during the first three months after conception, the fetal palate(the roof of the mouth) and lips have a cleft or separation and develop separately. During normal development closure of the cleft occurs with a fusion of the cleft and lips and the mouth properly develops. The fusion of the two halves leaves horizontal lines on the upper lip that remain with the fetus throughout adulthood. Failure of the clefts to close is called a “craniofacial anomaly”.

How To Prepare Your Child For Surgery
Learn how to prepare your child for surgery. Reduce their anxiety and your own. Learn appropriate ways to explain what is going to happen according to your child's age and minimize trauma.

What Is Herpangina?
Herpangina is a condition caused by a virus in which blisters break out in the back of the throat. The condition is most common in children and infants under the age of four and can be fairly painful.

What Is an Adenoidectomy?
An adenoidectomy is the surgical removal of the adenoids. The subject of whether or not adenoids should be removed has been a topic of controversy in the medical community.

What is Whooping Cough (Pertussis)
Whooping cough, also called pertussis, is a bacterial infection that causes uncontrollable coughing. The coughing can be very severe and last weeks, interfering with eating and drinking and sometimes causing vomiting. In the United States whooping cough is generally thought to be a thing of the past. However, there has recently been a significant rise in the number of whooping cough cases.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Fluid in the Ear (Otitis Media with Effusion)
Fluid in the ear, also called serous otitis media(SOM) or otitis media with effusion (OME), is usually the result of an ear infection, but it can occur under any condition in which the auditory tube is impaired. The auditory tube allows fluid to drain from the ear into the back of the throat. If the auditory tube becomes clogged fluid will...

Use Petroleum Jelly to Prevent Chapped Skin When You Have a Runny Nose
Petroleum Jelly is a great thing to apply to your upper lip and around the nostrils when you or your child has a runny nose. No matter how soft they try to make tissues my son always had chapped sore skin when he has a runny nose, until I discovered this.

Calculate the Right Dose of Acetominophen For My Child
Acetominophen is a very popular over-the-counter pain reliever and fever reducer for children. On the back of the bottle is a chart that gives dosing information, but what if your child's weight isn't on the chart?

How Are Ear Infections Treated?
Ear infections often require medical intervention. The way your doctor chooses to treat an ear infection depends on a variety of factors including whether or not the germ responsible for the infection has been identified and if other treatments have already proved unsuccessful.

What Causes Ear Infections?
Ear Infections, (also called otitis media), occur for a number of reasons. They are most often seen in children and certain children seem to have an affinity for developing them. To understand what an ear infection is and what may have caused it you must first understand the anatomy of the inner ear.

Earache - How to Calm Your Child When They Have an Earache
Readers respond on how they comfort their own children when they have an earache.

Foreign Object Nasal Obstruction
Foreign Object Nasal Obstruction, AKA children stuffing anything from beans to pencils up their nose is pretty common. Children have a natural tendency to put things where they don't belong. Find out what you should do if your child puts something that doesn't belong in his nose.

RSV - Information for Parents About Respiratory Syncytial Virus
RSV or respiratory syncytial virus is a common cold virus. However, the effects of RSV on small children are more severe than that of adults. The CDC states that almost every child will be infected with RSV by the time they are one years old.

Sleep Apnea
Can My Child Have Sleep Apnea? Yes, and it is more prevalent than you might think. An ENT specialist can diagnose sleep apnea in your child at a sleep center and there are various things that can be done to help your child.

Pediatric Obesity and Ears, Nose and Throat Disorders
The American Academy of Otolaryngology lists ENT disorders that can be linked to obesity in children.

KidsHealth.org by the Nemours Foundation explains how your voice is produced and what causes laryngitis. Symptoms, diagnosis and treatments are also outlined.

Swimmer's Ear
KidsHealth.org by the Nemours Foundation the symptoms of swimmer's ear and how to diagnose, treat and prevent this infection.

What should I do if my child gets an ear infection over the weekend?
An ear infection can happen at any time, including over the weekend. Knowing where to get help for you child's ear infection when your doctor's office is closed can make a huge difference.

How to Care For Your Child After Cleft Lip Repair
Learn how to take care of your child after their cleft lip repair.

Tonsillitis and Tonsillectomies
KidsHealth.org by the Nemours Foundation explains tonsillitis and when a tonsillectomy may need to be performed. What to expect from the surgery and healing are discussed.

FAQ for new parents and families of children with a cleft lip and palate
Answers to frequently asked questions for parents regarding children with cleft lip and palate. What cleft lip and palate is, why it occurs, and more...

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