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ENT Hygiene: Care of the Ears, Nose and Throat

Is ear wax good or bad? Find out what's behind the controversy as well as other ways to take care of your ears, nose, and throat. Distinguish between myth and fact and learn how to stay healthy.

All About Ear Wax Blockage
Ear wax (cerumen) lines the ear canal, protecting the skin from water and trapping bacteria and other debris, then expelling it. Ear wax is usually beneficial and should not be removed. However, some times an individual may produce too much ear wax which can result in a blockage.

How To Prevent a Middle Ear Infection
Information on how to prevent middle ear infections, also called otitis media.

What Are the Risks of Having Your Ears Pierced?
While ear piercing is common, it does involve some serious risks including infection, allergy, and scarring.

Handwashing can prevent many ENT disorders. Learn why, when and how to wash your hands correctly in order to protect yourself and your family.

Ear Candling
Learn the pros and cons of this controversal trend.

Teach Your Child to Wash Their Hands
Video demonstrating proper handwashing technique for children.

Proper Hygeine
Ten tips to prevent infection.

Should I Remove My Ear Wax?
Find out what ear wax is, when and if you should remove it.

How to Use Ear Drops Correctly
Ear drops can be used to treat a number of ear disorders, but no matter what they are used for, it is important that they are used correctly.

Everything You Need to Know About Ear Wax
Find out what ear wax is, why we have ear wax, how you should care for your ears and what to do in case of an ear wax blockage.

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