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ENT Anatomy Basics - Structures of the Ears, Nose and Throat

An overview of the anatomy of the ear, nose, and throat along with an explanation of how these structures are connected.

What are Sinuses?
A description of the paranasal sinuses, their function and common diseases which may arise from these sinus cavities.

What is the Cochlea?
The cochlea is the portion of the inner ear that looks remarkably like a snail shell. The cochlea is divided into three different parts which contain a fluid called perilymph and tiny sensitive hairlike projections called cilia. Learn more about the cochlea.

What Are the Semicircular Canals of the Ear?
The semicircular canals are organs in the inner ear that are responsible for balance and equilibrium.

What Are Tonsils?
There are actually three pairs of tonsils in the throat. The pharyngeal tonsils (adenoids), palatine tonsils (more commonly referred to as just tonsils), and the lingual tonsils which are formed from lymphatic tissue.

What Are Adenoids?
The adenoids, also known as pharyngeal tonsils, are two masses of sponge-like tissue that are in the upper portion of the throat and behind the nose in the nasopharynx near the eustachian tubes. Unlike the tonsils, the adenoids are not easily visible and must be examined with special mirrors or scopes by a physician.

Anatomy of the Ear
A detailed illustration of the innter and outer structures which make up the ear.

Anatomy of the Nose
A detailed illustration showing the structures that make up the nose.

Anatomy of the Throat
Illustration showing the normal anatomy of the throat.

How We Hear
This article explains how we hear beginning with the initial sound wave, progressing through the different parts of the ear and ending with the interpretation of sound in the brain.

Anatomy of the Stomach and Esophagus
Anatomy of the Stomach and Esophagus.

The Sinuses
Illustration which shows and names the sinus cavaties.

Thyroid Gland
Illustration of the thyroid gland.

What Is Concha Bullosa?
Concha bulloa is an air pocket in the middle turbinate which can contribute to sinus problems and may require surgical intervention.

What Are Mucous Membranes
Mucous membranes line parts of the body that lead to the outside and are exposed to air.

What is the Inner Ear?
The inner ear contains organs such as the cochlea and semicircular canals which are essential to hearing and balance.

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