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Kristin Hayes, R.N.

Cold Dry Weather Can Cause Nosebleeds

By February 24, 2013

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When the weather outside is cold and lacks humidity the tissue inside of our noses can become fragile, especially if you're not drinking enough. Under these conditions your nose may start to bleed if you rub too hard, bump it, pick it, or even spontaneously. Some kids are especially prone to this. To keep this from happening stay hydrated, use a cool mist humidifier, or try an over the counter saline nasal spray. For tips on stopping a bloody nose read:

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April 22, 2014 at 9:55 am
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Cold weather can cause colds and flu. Some people would take lozenges to sort symptoms of their cold out but eating too many throat lozenges can give you nosebleeds. This is because lozenges contain sugar. The nose is sensitive to changes in temperature and blood sugar levels. The intake of excessive sugar from lozenges can cause sugar levels to rise – the liver has to work harder converting the excess sugar – the nose picks up this change and a nose bleed is quite possible.

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