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Stopping Caffiene Consumption Proves to be an Inadequate Treatment For Tinnitis

By January 22, 2010

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Tinnitis, a condition which causes ringing or other background noise in the ears is common among those with hearing loss. Many physicians have recommended limiting or stopping caffeine intake as a method of treating tinnitis. A new study reported in Medical News Today showed that caffeine withdrawal is not only an ineffective treatment but it can actually make tinnitis worse. This is the first study of it's kind which means that physicians have been recommending caffeine abstinence without any scientific evidence that it even works. According to the article there are other diet restrictions recommended by physicians which have not been proven to be effective in treating tinnitis in any way. It seems that in this area physicians have been working on a primitive belief not supported by science. While in the medical world we like to pride ourselves on technology and scientific fact this is a major example that there remains many studies left to be done and even the best of us, at times, have to practice non-evidence based medicine.

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May 23, 2011 at 3:24 am
(1) Bash Sami says:

Hello. I have been suffering from ringing left ear for 4 months. It started suddenly .I visited a doctor who told me that there is no medicine for my case and that I have to get used to it.By the way Iam 50 years old.
What do you think and do you have any thing to help ?

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