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FDA Approves Seasonal Flu Vaccine Which Does Not Include H1N1

By July 21, 2009

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The FDA has approved a seasonal flu vaccine for the 2009-2010 season which does not include immunity against H1N1. According to officials the H1N1 vaccine will be created separately and approved for high risk populations. The non-H1N1 vaccine will cover the viruses "A/Brisbane/59/2007 (H1N1)-like virus, A/Brisbane/10/2007 (H3N2)-like virus, and B/Brisbane/60/2008-like virus."

So who will get the H1N1 vaccine? It's a good question since H1N1 does not seem to follow typical seasonal influenza patterns. Researchers are just now getting a vague idea of who the high risk population for H1N1 is. Quite frankly, more research is needed. However, The World Health Organization has said that health care workers will be a priority when it comes to the distribution of H1N1 vaccines. What about everyone else? I have a hunch that person's with compromised immunity or other serious health conditions will be approved to receive the H1N1 vaccine, but are they really most at risk? The virus seems to be targeting a younger, healthier, crowd than would be expected. Likewise the elderly are almost always approved for special vaccination but in the case of H1N1 it seems that persons born before the 1918 pandemic already have a natural immunity to swine flu.

Who do you think is entitled to the vaccine? What would you do if you were the one handing out shots?

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